About Us

Feeling called by God to continue to serve the people of Guatemala, we began a new ministerial endeavor based in Guatemala City. Building on past experiences we wanted to create a simple, transparent ministry based on consistent involvement from its supporters focused purely on spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Guatemala.

People gathering at El Rincón

We continually describe our mission with one short phrase: “Seeking the Lost; Equipping the Found”

Our mission is to take the Living Word, Jesus Christ, to the lost of Guatemala and equip the found for a life of service to their Savior.

The poor… the lonely… the hurting… the disconnected… the sick… the lost… Groundwork Guatemala exists to assist the least of these spiritually, emotionally and physically. Our Guatemalan missionaries have a deep desire to grow in faith through the study of God’s Word. As we share Jesus with adults, teens and children in Guatemala City and the surrounding villages and communities a strong spiritual foundation is laid. Through caring relationships, people come face to face with Christ and His love as we visit and pray with them in their homes and neighborhoods. Medical care and increased awareness provide a healthier environment for those we serve, allowing them, in turn, to better serve their Savior.

Youth lessons

Through the Groundwork Guatemala sponsorship projects, people here can connect in a very special way with a child or one of our Guatemalan missionaries through letters and special correspondence. 100% of all sponsorship money is used for education and the wages given to the Guatemalan ministry team which help them provide for their families.

As we follow God’s call to serve the Guatemalan people through this ministry, we trust Him to provide for all of our needs. Our greatest need is for prayer, asking the Lord to guide and direct us as we seek His perfect will, to soften hearts to receive the message of salvation, to grow the seeds of faith that have been planted, and to protect us as we fight the spiritual battle that often accompanies our work.

In the spirit of this mission we have been traveling to a few areas outside of Guatemala City doing bible studies with the people who gather around us and activities (stories, songs, and crafts) with the children. We also visit with families in their homes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

If God leads you to join us in this portion of His ministry to the people of Guatemala, please contact us. We’d love to talk with you about how you’d like to help reach out to God’s children in Guatemala. Whether you feel called to support us financially or not, please pray for us and the advance of God’s very important message.